Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tout Mon Jardin Pot Pourri Sachet by Richard Hudnut c1914

Tout Mon Jardin Pot Pourri Sachet by Richard Hudnut was launched in 1914. It was still being sold in the 1920s.


It was a mixture of various flowers that made up a beautiful potpourri. It was packed in a glass jar with a lovely floral label. The top cap was made of gilded metal and very ornate. There is a front label showing a gold basket with pink and red roses along with some blue and white flowers. The label reads "Tout Mon Jardin Pot Pourri Sachet Richard Hudnut New York Paris".

The back of the bottle reads with raised lettering Richard Hudnut New York. Both sides have a raised double circle with an R and a reversed R inside the circles. Sometimes you can find this with a stamp on one side that reads ----"Proprietary United States Internal Revenue Series of 1914 2 ½ cents.".

These bottles came in two sizes, 5" tall and 6" tall.

An advertisement from 1914 reads:
“Potpourri Sachet is a new creation just out, so fragrant and so nearly akin to the sweetness of the natural blossoms as to establish a charming rivalship. It is the most lasting of all sachets and will perfume the whole house if emptied into a bowl. “

photo by ruby lane seller crown antiques

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