Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yanky Clover by Richard Hudnut c1898

Yanky Clover by Richard Hudnut: launched in 1898. In addition to Yanky Clover, Richard Hudnut came out with a full line of "Yanky" perfumes including: Yanky Pink, Yanky Heliotrope, Yanky Rose, Yanky Tea Rose, and Yanky Violet.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? Yanky Clover is a soft amber perfume, with very sweet overtones, like fresh meadowsweet at dawn.
  • Top notes: bergamot, lavender, lemon
  • Middle notes: cloves, carnation, violet, orange blossom
  • Base notes: amber, musk, tonka bean, orris, vetiver

A 1946 advertisement described the perfume as
“Yanky Clover Blooms all over. Like a breeze stealing in over a country meadow, ankle deep in clover. Lilting, light, young fragrance to wear everywhere. See it, sniff it, love it! Perfume…toilet water…dusting powder, $1.00 each, talc, 50 cents.”

The Reading Eagle, 1945:
“Yanky Clover TOILET WATER Richard Hudnut . One of best loved fragrances in a gloriously refreshing Toilet Water. Add this lovely American scent and see what magic it performs. For all-day glamour, pour a few drops into your rinse water when washing lingerie.3 1/3 oz bottle..$1.00”

Daytona Beach Morning Journal, 1942:
“HUDNUT YANKY CLOVER DUET . Toilet Water and Talc. Two bath luxuries in a scent she'll love — it's Yanky Clover, the "All American" odeur. $1.00 and Her Favorite Perfume! Give Richard Hudnut Yanky Clover! - The All-American perfume she prizes. In attractive box, $1.00”


Fate of the Fragrance:

The perfume has been discontinued since the 1950s I believe.

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